Batwoman Trailer Lectures Us Online

Batwoman trailer

The CW adds a new superhero to their DC television universe as the first Batwoman trailer has been released. Starring Ruby Rose in the title role, Batwoman centers on Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin, who, after Batman disappears, takes his place as Gotham City’s protector. Kate Kane was introduced to television audiences in last year’s DC crossover event “Elseworlds,” where she seemed to be fairly well established as Batwoman, indicating that at least the early parts of the series’ first season will take place before the superhero team-up. As she’s slated to appear in the much-ballyhooed Crisis on Infinite Earths later this year, I imagine there’ll be a time jump somewhere, or at least that the show will catch up with the other series’ timeline. In addition to Rose, Batwoman features Dougray Scott as Kate’s father, Colonel Jake Kane, who runs a private security firm called the Crows; Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore, Kate’s girlfriend and an agent working for her father; Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, son of Lucius (these CW DC shows love their legacy characters, don’t they?); and Rachel Skarsten as Alice, a gang leader and, one assumes, the season’s main villain. Batwoman likely premieres sometime in the fall. Check out the Batwoman trailer below:

And… pass. I gave up on Black Lightning after the pilot made it clear it would be a weekly lecture disguised as a superhero show, and the Batwoman trailer is a mercifully shorter harbinger of a similar result. They’re not even trying to hide how blatant Batwoman will be with its gender politics. There’s plenty of talk about how Batman abandoned Gotham and not a single person, including Kate Kane, attempts to refute it. That’s followed by Kate’s correction of Luke Fox that the Batsuit will be perfect “when it fits a woman,” and her indignation at people thinking Batman is responsible for her heroics (“I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work”). It’s clear they’re going to do to Batman what Supergirl did to Superman and use him as a metric to show just how awesome the lady version of his character is (spoiler: way more awesome than he ever was!). “Elseworlds” – which I quite enjoyed – made me hope that Batman would one day show up in this world, but the Batwoman trailer has the exact opposite effect because now we all know what they’ll do to him. Also, and others have pointed this out, but it’s just a tad infuriating that Kate accuses (a not even present) Batman of taking credit for her work while appropriating his lair, costume, gadgets, (presumably) money, and identity; kind of like Iris’ “We’re the Flash” mantra from season 4 of that show. Chalk Greg Berlanti’s universe up to something else that could’ve been – and once was – amazingly cool, but was swallowed up by SJW virtue signaling. Sponsored by Gillette.

What did you think of the Batwoman trailer? Are you excited for the show? Do you long for Hal Jordan’s sister to show up and tell us about how the Green Lantern Corps is the cosmic representation of the patriarchy? Let us know in the comments and come back to Geeks + Gamers for more TV news!

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