Final Trailer for Gotham Series Finale Arrives Online

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We caught an early glimpse of Batman’s beginning as the full trailer for the Gotham series finale has been released. Normally I try to avoid trailers like this, but this one was just too intriguing. Check out the Gotham series finale trailer below:

At first blush, we have a smattering of scenes with Gordon and Co. as we rejoin them ten years later. It’s all very exciting, and yet somehow confusing. The synopsis I read (which, it should be noted, is something that is always released to the public regardless of the show or episode) seemed to imply the series finale was going in another direction, so it was strange to see so much emphasis put on the Penguin/Gordon relationship. But despite some producers referring to this episode as a Batman pilot of sorts, ever since that moment on the docks in the show’s pilot, Gotham’s most significant character arc – aside from Bruce’s – has always been that of Gordon and Penguin, a relationship that was acknowledged during the penultimate episode of the show and is echoed again here in this trailer. It is also notable that this is our first full look at our new Selina Kyle, which tells they either timed the release of this trailer with Camren Bicondova’s exit announcement or the other way around. While it’s hard to know whether she will be good in the part, I’m excited to see what Lili Simmons will bring to Batman’s lady love. My only concern here is the fact that this Gotham series finale trailer seemed to give away far too much. Sure, any fan of the Bat-family knows how this story ends, but it still would’ve been fun to go in blind. No matter what, I’ll be there to watch the end of the beginning when the episode airs this Thursday on Fox.

Are you excited for the end of the journey or did you catch a submarine out of town a long time ago? Let us know in the comments!

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