Star Wars Battlefront II is Getting an Overhaul

Star Wars Battlefront II was released this past November to a lot of mixed feelings. In my review, I was rather positive overall but one of my issues with the game was the progression system. Earning star cards through loot crates wasn’t the way to go, and DICE will be implementing a new system that might make getting into the game so much easier. They unveiled this on EA’s website.

As of March 21st, an update will bring a revamped progression system to the game, making the earning of those star cards more linear. You’ll get experience points, which give you skill points at every level that you may use to unlock star cards. Crates will no longer be purchaseable; they’ll be relegated to daily logins and milestones, and will only net credits and victory poses. I love all of this. This is the way it should have been from the start, but I’m happy they’re doing it at all. Now, those who already have star cards will not lose them, so no “work” will be lost, but this also means that anyone who paid for packs and got the cards will also still have them. Only time will tell  the progression system will allow people to catch up easier; we’ll have to see when the update launches tomorrow.

Is it  little, too late? For some, I imagine it will be. There are going to be people who don’t give a crap about these changes because in their eyes the damage has been done. That’s fine, and I totally respect that, but these changes greatly excite me. The notion of having a more linear progression system will make the flow of gameplay a hell of a lot better and more cohesive. But really, what thrills me most about these changes is how they’re going to make the quality of life so much better for those who are JUST picking up their copies. What I hope they’ll do is entice players who are still on the fence to grab a copy and blow away Rebel scum with me and the other players who have stuck around since launch.

They also confirmed that we’ll FINALLY be getting cosmetic changes in April. This will be worked through an in-game store, where you can purchase new skins for your characters either with credits or the paid currency, crystals. This is fine by me; it’s all cosmetic, and these aren’t things I need. We’ll have to see how well it’s priced, and if they’ll be truly forcing those of us who want to play as a Twi’lek Resistance member to purchase it with real world cash or not. I’m hoping the grind isn’t too obnoxious; I’m fine with a little, but I won’t necessarily be surprised if there’s a HUGE gap in the pricing. I also hope this means that we’ll be getting more skins for the hero characters. I want to run around as Bespin Luke and Han, ROTS Anakin, and Old Han and TLJ Luke. These would be great fan service in a game that should be all about fan service. Let’s make it happen, DICE.

Are you all excited for this update? Is it too late for you? What cosmetics and skins do YOU want to see brought to the game? Let me know in the comments below! Stay nerdy everyone!

By Mike Calkins

23, Writer for Geeks + Gamers since 2016. Film, comic, and video game fan; Physical media enthusiast/collector.

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