Ruby Rose to Exit Batwoman Ahead of Season 2

Ruby Rose, Batwoman

Someone else is about to answer the Bat-signal. In a statement, Ruby Rose has announced that she will exit the CW Arrowverse series Batwoman after one season. Deadline’s sources tell them that this was a mutual decision between Rose and the show’s producers, given the grueling schedule and that it had nothing to do with […]

CW Delays Next Season Till 2021

CW, The Flash, Arrowverse

Flash fans are going to have to wait longer than usual to see the true end of season 6. The CW has announced at its upfront release presentation that it will begin its next season of television in January of 2021, as opposed to the fall of 2020. Returning shows will start with what would […]

REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 19 “Success is Assured”

The Flash, Success is Assured

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, “Success is Assured” is the makeshift finale for season 6 of The Flash, and it certainly feels that way. It doesn’t finish the main storyline, and it doesn’t feel particularly epic or important, just more connective tissue. That makes it a letdown as a finale; as an entity in itself, […]

REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 18 “Pay the Piper”

The Flash, Pay the Piper

After “Liberation” got things moving, “Pay the Piper” slows The Flash’s momentum down considerably, centering on a subplot introduced early in the season and then mostly forgotten till now. The main plot is on everyone’s minds, but the focus is on a pair of lesser villains while the heroes try to find their determination to […]

Grant Gustin Negotiating For The Flash Seasons 8 and 9

Grant Gustin, The Flash

Barry Allen isn’t done running just yet. During a recent interview with Michael Rosenbaum, Grant Gustin stated that, just prior to the coronavirus shutdown, he and the CW had begun negotiations that would see the actor continue playing the Scarlet Speedster for another two seasons of The Flash beyond season 7, which is the final […]

REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 17 “Liberation”

The Flash, Liberation

“Liberation” is the episode we desperately needed, moving the season-long plot significantly forward while examining and illuminating some of the best qualities of the characters, specifically Barry and Iris. There’s also an inventive fight scene and an attempt to mitigate one of the season’s more egregious sins. It isn’t a complete home run – the […]