Things Change

Michael Keaton's Batman, Michael Keaton, Batman

Since it was announced that Michael Keaton was in talks to join the DCEU as Batman, my mind has had little time for anything else. I know it’s not a done deal yet, I know the DCEU is mostly garbage, and I know that continuity-wise, the multiverse doesn’t really make sense anymore. (Everyone congratulates the […]

REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 19 “Success is Assured”

The Flash, Success is Assured

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, “Success is Assured” is the makeshift finale for season 6 of The Flash, and it certainly feels that way. It doesn’t finish the main storyline, and it doesn’t feel particularly epic or important, just more connective tissue. That makes it a letdown as a finale; as an entity in itself, […]

REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 18 “Pay the Piper”

The Flash, Pay the Piper

After “Liberation” got things moving, “Pay the Piper” slows The Flash’s momentum down considerably, centering on a subplot introduced early in the season and then mostly forgotten till now. The main plot is on everyone’s minds, but the focus is on a pair of lesser villains while the heroes try to find their determination to […]

Grant Gustin Negotiating For The Flash Seasons 8 and 9

Grant Gustin, The Flash

Barry Allen isn’t done running just yet. During a recent interview with Michael Rosenbaum, Grant Gustin stated that, just prior to the coronavirus shutdown, he and the CW had begun negotiations that would see the actor continue playing the Scarlet Speedster for another two seasons of The Flash beyond season 7, which is the final […]

REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 17 “Liberation”

The Flash, Liberation

“Liberation” is the episode we desperately needed, moving the season-long plot significantly forward while examining and illuminating some of the best qualities of the characters, specifically Barry and Iris. There’s also an inventive fight scene and an attempt to mitigate one of the season’s more egregious sins. It isn’t a complete home run – the […]

REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 16 ” So Long and Goodnight”

The Flash, So Long and Goodnight

“So Long and Goodnight” is one of those episodes. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it (outside of the blander than low-fat mayonnaise villains); some important plot reveals even happen. But it never captivates or entertains the way The Flash usually does, content to be connective tissue linking what came before with what will come later. […]