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REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms Episode 26, “Death and Rebirth”

***SPOILERS*** “Death and Rebirth” finds Conner, Dru, and Lor-Zod preparing to execute Superman. Nightwing is alive and well after all, revealing he cut his own forehead and used Batman’s technique to slow his heartbeat. M’gann and Zatanna likewise used illusion magic and tel...

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REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms, Episode 4 “Involuntary”

*SPOILERS* “Involuntary” sees Bioship retired and Baby in her place. M’comm is spied on while he works on the weapons from Apokolips. M’gann apologizes to M’comm for leaving him behind and encourages him to reconcile with the family. Em’ree asks S’yraa how she can make things right wit...

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REVIEW: Young Justice – Season 4: Phantoms Episode 3, “Volatile”

*SPOILERS* “Volatile” opens on a flashback to Gar’s time leading the Outsiders on Earth. When he comes to, he reiterates the need to re-establish contact with Earth. M’gann and Conner encourage him to help them with the investigation as his irritability and headaches intensif...

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The Most Heartbreaking, Hilarious, or Badass Teen Titans Episodes

Teen Titans is a show that changed the way we viewed one of the most iconic teams in the super hero genre. Before its reimagination as a primarily humorous show (to the annoyance of many), it was something that really connected to its youthful audience through the way the varying personalities/backg...

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