A Decade of Disney Animation: From Tangled to Frozen 2 (2010-2019)

Decade of Disney Tangled to Frozen

Munir: Welcome to another A Decade Of, where we review animated films from certain time periods. This time, we are discussing the most current decade of Disney Animation to coincide with the release of Frozen II. As always, we’ll begin with an overview of the decade before we delve into specific reviews of each film. […]

REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episode 19 “Big Problem”

Big Hero 6, Big Trouble

“What’s past is prologue!” *Spoilers* “Big Problem” opens with Fred reading a comic book to Mini-Max. His mother urges him to get ready for dinner, but before he gets the chance, a monster breaks into his room, trashes the place, damages Mini-Max and leaves. Fred’s mom and butler help him clean, and his friends come […]

REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episode 18 “Big Hero 7”

Big Hero 6, Big Hero 7

“Maybe we could call her Half-Voltage. Ooh, or Low Voltage!” *Spoilers* “Big Hero 7” opens with a rather silly fight sequence in which High Voltage steal a new battery Krei has developed, but not as a team. The mother-daughter duo are feuding, but they take both batteries he has and leave. In Cass’ cafe, the […]