Drago Spinoff May Be in the Offing With Steven Caple Jr.

Ivan Drago

Steven Caple Jr. might be getting back into the ring, but this time he’ll be heading to Russia. Per Cinemablend, the Creed II director is looking at helming another spin-off of the Rocky franchise, this time focusing on the Dragos. The idea was apparently brought up to Caple by Ivan Drago himself, Dolph Lundgren. Although […]

REVIEW: Creed II (2018)

Everyone thought the Rocky franchise was dead until Creed came out in 2015 and changed our minds. It presented an updated version of the Rocky formula and featured Adonis Creed, who couldn’t be more different from Rocky if he tried. Ryan Coogler combined his passion for Rocky’s story and his amazing talents as a director to create […]

REVIEW: A Prayer Before Dawn (2017)

A Prayer Before Dawn is a true story that follows Billy Moore, a down on his luck boxer and drug addict who is thrown in prison in Thailand. While inside, he discovers that there is a prison boxing team and seeks to join it, hopefully saving himself through fighting. If I’m going to be completely […]