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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 5 “Reunion”

Flash Forward has been building for what is now five of its six-issue run. Each new chapter has been a fun romp through the DC Multiverse, with Wally West encountering new or long-since-seen characters across the various worlds that he’s saved from the rampaging dark matter. But each chapter has...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 3 “Free Fall”

In today’s era, comics are becoming measurably less fun, more ideologically driven, or just plain dreary. The rare gem of a book that allows the reader to come away with a sense of hope is now just that much more of a diamond in the rough. There are times when heroes must be pushed to …

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 2 “The Line Forms on the Left”

What does it take to make a truly great comic book? Not just something readable as opposed to throw-away garbage, but something that will either objectively stand the test of time, or is just a fun romp through 20-something pages of gorgeous art. Does it require decades upon decades of in-depth lore...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 1 “Incursion Point Zero”

What does it truly mean to be a superhero? Do you run headlong into danger and face down catastrophe because it’s what you love to do? Are you beholden to the threads of fate and allow destiny to dictate your actions? And what do you do when you’ve fallen from grace and feel that there … ...

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Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth Team up for Wally West Solo Miniseries

“His name is Wally West—and he was the Fastest Man Alive. That is until the Multiverse was rewritten without him or his family in it. Wally returned and tried to make it work, but the damage was done. Spinning out of the events of HEROES IN CRISIS, follow the man who called himself Flash on &hel...

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