Hawaii Five-0 to End With Season 10

Hawaii Five-0

Our favorite crime-fighting Ohana is about to say “aloha” for the final time. Deadline reports that Hawaii Five-0, the remake of the classic TV series that ran from 1968 to 1980, will end on April 3 after ten seasons and 240 episodes, thus putting to bed the possibility of Lance Gross joining as a series […]

Picard’s Next Journey Begins in New Picard Trailer

Picard trailer

A legendary captain is about to set off on a new journey as a new Picard trailer has arrived online via the New York Comic Con. The trailer opens with Picard approaching Data, who is busy painting a picture of a girl. Amid an exchange about who should finish the painting, we see flashes of […]

Jared Padalecki to Star in New Version of Walker, Texas Ranger

Walker, Jason Padalecki

It looks like Walker is going to kick his way back to the small screen. Deadline reports that a reboot of the iconic 1990s Chuck Norris TV series Walker, Texas Ranger in development, with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki to play the titular character (alongside a female partner) and either the original show’s home network, CBS, […]

The Stand Casts Some More Survivors

The Stand

The Boulder Free Zone just got some new inhabitants as the cast for the CBS All-Access adaptation of Stephen King’s magnum opus The Stand has added some important players. First, on this morning’s episode of The View – on which King was a guest – host Whoopi Goldberg announced that she’ll be playing Mother Abigail, […]

ViacomCBS Has Big Plans for Star Trek and Mission: Impossible

Star Trek

As another big Hollywood merger looms, we could see more multi-platform franchises in the near future. Once Viacom – which owns Paramount – and CBS are one, all elements of Star Trek will be owned by one mega-corporation, meaning there will be no more rules about which characters can be used where; the shows and […]

Comic-Con 2019: Star Trek: Picard Trailer Beams Down

Star Trek: Picard trailer

CBS made it so at Comic-Con today when they released the full trailer for the latest series in the long-running science-fiction franchise, Star Trek: Picard. The plot of the new show has been a mystery (and the teaser, which took place in a vineyard, didn’t exactly get people’s hearts pumping), but the new Star Trek: […]