Toxic Avenger Reboot on the Way

Tromaville is about to get a makeover courtesy of Legendary Pictures. Deadline is reporting the Wanda Group-based studio has acquired the rights to the iconic B-Movie franchise The Toxic Avenger. Often considered a progenitor of the R-rated superhero sub-genre now ruled by the likes of Deadpool and Logan, The Toxic Avenger centers on a janitor who is covered… Continue reading Toxic Avenger Reboot on the Way

REVIEW: Apostle (2018)

Apostle stars Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen and follows a man who sails to an unknown island in search of his captive sister, infiltrating the crazed cult that’s holding her. I had been eagerly awaiting this film ever since it’s announcement, as I think Gareth Evans is one of the most talented action filmmakers working… Continue reading REVIEW: Apostle (2018)