Hawaii Five-0 to End With Season 10

Our favorite crime-fighting Ohana is about to say “aloha” for the final time. Deadline reports that Hawaii Five-0, the remake of the classic TV series that ran from 1968 to 1980, will end on April 3 after ten seasons and 240 episodes, thus putting to bed the possibility of Lance Gross joining as a series… Continue reading Hawaii Five-0 to End With Season 10

REVIEW: Hellboy (2019)

Comic book movies have steadily improved over the years. Every once in a while we might get one that falls flat, but very rarely will we one be as embarrassing as some of the comic book films of the mid-2000s. This year alone we’ve already gotten movies like Glass, Captain Marvel,¬†and¬†Shazam! These are three very… Continue reading REVIEW: Hellboy (2019)