Shazam! Trailer Says the Magic Word at Comic-Con

Shazam! trailer, Shazam, Zachary Levi

Warner Bros. isn’t done with Comic-Con yet, and follows up the Aquaman presentation with the release of the Shazam! trailer. Based on the DC superhero of the same name (who was previously Captain Marvel, but not that Captain Marvel, but let’s not go down that long and confusing path), Shazam! introduces movie audiences to Billy […]

Aquaman Trailer Splashes Into Comic-Con

Aquaman, Arthur Curry, Aquaman trailer, Jason Momoa

Keeping with its motif of champions emerging from the sea, Warner Bros. has released another glimpse at one of its upcoming blockbusters for Comic-Con audiences, this time the Aquaman trailer. The next entry in the DCEU mega-franchise, Aquaman will tell the origin story of Arthur Curry, a man caught between two worlds, destined to be […]

Shazam! Set Pics Reveal First Glimpse at Hero

The first set pics from Shazam! have leaked and… BOY! It looks fantastic, even from a side and back profile. It looks ripped straight from the pages of a comic and this DC fan loves it. Here are the set pics, in case you haven’t seen them yet: Looks pretty neat-o, right? Now, I’m not […]

Logan vs. the DCEU

“Someone will come along.” “Someone has come along.” After a stellar marketing campaign and the promise of seeing the final appearance of a now legendary actor/character pairing, Logan is finally out in theaters. I saw it opening night (and thank god I did, or I’d have had lots of surprises spoiled just by looking at […]

Give and Take in Superhero Cinema

The other day I was talking to a friend and he brought up the idea that there’s no such thing as a perfect movie, arguing that the best films have flaws that enhance them rather than sully them. In principle, I disagree with this (a Hitchens quote comes to mind: “It’s only true if you […]