REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 9, Episode 9 “Final Girl”

Final Girl

It’s always bittersweet when a season  of American Horror Story ends. We finally get all the answers to various questions introduced throughout, which can be really gratifying. But then it’s almost a whole year before the show returns, and we say goodbye to the season’s new characters. Going into “Final Girl,” I was afraid that […]

REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 9, Episode 4, “True Killers”

True Killers

*SPOILERS* “True Killers” opens with Montana instructing an all-male aerobics class to “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol with the time card “then.” Richard Ramirez walks in and says that Billy Idol is the truth. After class, Montana finds the corpse of one of the men in the locker room, and Richard says he did it […]

REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 9, Episode 3, “Slashdance”


“Slashdance” opens with Richard Ramirez banging on the door where Brooke, Ray, Chet, and Rita are hiding. Unable to break the door down, he instead smashes through the windows. Ray suggests that the four split up, but everyone else protests. He remarks that it’s just natural selection, and Ramirez busts in, stabbing Ray repeatedly. However, […]

REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 9, Episode 2, “Mr. Jingles”

American Horror Story 1984, Mr. Jingles

*SPOILERS* “Mr. Jingles” begins when the lead psychologist from Mr. Jingles’ mental hospital arrives at Camp Redwood. Margaret is unimpressed and tells her she can protect herself and the kids from Mr. Jingles. The psychologist leaves. She’s soon troubled by a flat tire, which proves to be sabotage courtesy of Mr. Jingles, who kills her […]