REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 5 “Reunion”

Flash Forward Reunion

Flash Forward has been building for what is now five of its six-issue run. Each new chapter has been a fun romp through the DC Multiverse, with Wally West encountering new or long-since-seen characters across the various worlds that he’s saved from the rampaging dark matter. But each chapter has also carried with it a habit of […]

DC’s New Relaunch And What It Means


There have been rumblings in the comic book world that DC’s universe is heading for another Crisis-level event. This has been apparent to readers of the current ongoing Justice League, The Flash, Superman, and, most recently, Flash Forward. Without doing a massive anthological recap of Scott Snyder’s current Justice League book, the SparkNotes version is as follows: After the events […]

Justice League: One Year Later

Justice League

Justice League is a movie I had been waiting for nearly my entire life. I remember being six years old and watching Superfriends and getting so excited whenever I heard that theme and the retro narration. Back then, I didn’t care how cheesy it was; all I cared about was seeing Superman and the rest of the Superfriends […]