REVIEW: Capone (2020)

When Capone was initially announced, I was pretty excited. Ever since high school, the Prohibition era and the criminals who exploited the law, particularly Al Capone, have fascinated me. I’ve read his Crime Library entry far too many times to count and watched many of his portrayals on film and TV, like Robert De Niro’s […]

A Look Back at Starz’ Spartacus


My dad and I watched together several TV shows together over the years. Usually, it was sci-fi series like the Star Trek franchise or Sliders. However, we were also big into history, checking out shows like Rome and, occasionally, some things on The History Channel. When Spartacus: Blood and Sand premiered on Starz, we were […]

REVIEW: Vice (2018)

It’s a unique experience to watch a film that is equally as entertaining as it is infuriating. In 2015, The Big Short provided me with that experience; it was a movie that chronicled the 2008 housing crisis, but did it uniquely. The screenplay utilized some creative tricks to deliver the information from this incident in a way […]

REVIEW: Green Book (2018)

Green Book

Earlier this week the film Green Book came out, detailing a tour through the deep South musician Dr. Don Shirley took in the 1960’s. Directed by Peter Farrelly and penned by Farrelly, Brian Hayes Currie and Nick Vallelonga, Green Book focuses on Vallelonga’s father Tony Lip and his relationship with Dr. Shirley. While the film […]

REVIEW: First Man (2018)

First Man

Based on a book of the same title by James R. Hansen, First Man tells the story of Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the moon. The film opens with Armstrong piloting a plane into the atmosphere in a rather intense scene, then quickly transitions into Neil’s home life with his family. […]

Flag Controversy Follows First Man Trailer

First Man trailer, Ryan Gosling, Neil Armstrong, First Man controversy

In yet another reminder that everything that comes out of Hollywood has to be political (well, most things, at least), the new First Man trailer was released a few days ago, and in its wake is a controversy. First Man is the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong and his road to becoming the first man […]