REVIEW: Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Terminator Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate is the most recent attempt to make Terminator a true franchise. The film follows a soldier from the future, Grace, as she attempts to protect a young girl named Daniella from a new kind of Terminator while a new evil AI looms overhead. I know a lot of people were not looking […]

Lost Visions: James Cameron’s Spider-Man Scriptment

James Cameron's Spider-Man

Before our favorite wall-crawler made his big-screen debut in Sam Raimi’s iconic 2002 film Spider-Man, there had been many attempts to bring the ol’ webhead to theaters. While Nicholas Hammond’s portrayal of Peter Parker brought the Spidey mythology to both the large and small screen in the 70s, studios knew there was still untapped potential […]

Zack Stentz Talks Terminator: Legacy

Terminator: Legacy

We finally have a bit of insight into a lost Terminator TV series. Via Twitter, Zack Stentz (who had also been involved in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as a co-executive producer) has released two pages of the pilot, entitled Terminator: Legacy, that was to be ushered in by 2015’s Terminator Genisys – which, according […]

New Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Will Not Stop, Ever

Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator

The machines rise again as Paramount Pictures has released a new Terminator: Dark Fate trailer. The latest in the sci-fi/action series that began in 1984, Terminator: Dark Fate features Linda Hamilton’s return as Sarah Connor, a role she hasn’t played since the last one of these that had any right to exist, Terminator 2: Judgment […]

Why I’m Excited: Terminator: Dark Fate


When most people have nightmares, they get a drink of water, go back to bed, and forget about it. James Cameron isn’t like most people. Using his nightmare as inspiration, he wrote a treatment for a film about a robot coming back from the future. Having only directed the cheesy B movie Piranha 2: The […]

Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Arrives Online

Terminator: Dark Fate, Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator is finally back as the first trailer for the James Cameron-produced Terminator: Dark Fate has been released. Check out the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer below: The Terminator: Dark Fate trailer opens with what can almost be considered standard Terminator fare – the good guys running from the latest Terminator model. What really sets […]