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RUMOR: Will Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Be a Big Part of Secret Wars?

Once the claws come out, it’s hard to put them back in again. When Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 was announced, Ryan Reynolds said he’d be coming back to the role “one more time.” But that may not be the case; scooper Daniel Richtman (behind a paywall at Patreon, but Com...

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Jennifer Garner’s Elektra Will Appear in Deadpool 3

A Hollywood Reporter exclusive reveals that Jennifer Garner has joined Deadpool 3, reprising her role of Elektra from Daredevil (2003) and Elektra. This comes a couple of years after Garner expressed the wish that those films had been part of Kevin Feige’s MCU. This will be the first Deadpoo...

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REVIEW: Peppermint (2018)

After watching Peppermint, I made a new rule for myself: before getting excited for an upcoming action movie, I must close my eyes and remind myself it’s the current year (later years than this one won’t matter; let’s not pretend this problem will be getting better anytime soon). I...

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REVIEW: Daredevil (2003) – Directors Cut

In light of Marvel’s The Defenders hitting our Netflix queues this weekend, let’s take a look at one of the core members’ first big outing. Daredevil (2003) was directed by Mark Steven Johnson and stars Ben Affleck, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jennifer Garner, and Colin Farrell. This ...

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