REVIEW: Ad Astra (2019)

I’ve been looking forward to Ad Astra for a long time, in part because of the eclectic filmography of director James Gray. I couldn’t wait to see him put his stamp on the space opera genre, and the likes of Brad Pitt (especially in the wake of his phenomenal performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon… Continue reading REVIEW: Ad Astra (2019)

REVIEW: Wildling (2018)

Wildling is a supernatural horror film that follows sixteen-year-old Anna (Bel Powley) after she’s found by Sheriff Ellen Cooper. It’s discovered that Anna has been drugged to keep her body from maturing for an unknown amount of years; as she weans off the drug, she has to come to grips with being thrust into adolescence as… Continue reading REVIEW: Wildling (2018)

Why We Have a Hulk

When Marvel’s The Avengers finally stormed theaters in 2012, it was met with near-universal acclaim. Everyone had their favorite characters and moments, but the one who seemed to get the most attention was the Hulk. Unlike the earlier cinematic incarnations of the not-so-gentle giant, this was a Bruce Banner less concerned with containing – and… Continue reading Why We Have a Hulk