Pete Hines Mentions the Elder Scrolls VI Release Date

Elder Scrolls Release

There is some quite unfortunate news for fans of the Elder Scrolls series. Yesterday, Pete Hines, the Vice-President of public relations and marketing at Bethesda, responded to a tweet regarding more information on The Elder Scrolls VI. His tweet stated, “It’s after Starfield, which you pretty much know nothing about. So if you’re coming at me for […]

Max Von Sydow of Flash Gordon and The Exorcist Passes Away at 90

Max Von Sydow

This morning, news broke that Swedish-born actor Max Von Sydow has passed away. He flourished in European cinema as well as in Hollywood and can be seen in arthouse films and genre fare alike. According to Variety, his long life and impressive career came to an end this past Sunday.  Von Sydow has over 150 […]

Suspiria (2018) Gets a Teaser Poster and First Clip Description

When it was brought to my attention that there was going to be a remake of Suspiria, one of my favorite horror films of all time, I rolled my eyes. I was so disinterested because I couldn’t imagine a world where they made a film of that caliber over again. I heard that Luca Guadagnino […]