Kerbal Space Program 2 Delayed Until 2021

Kerbal Space Program 2

It looks like Kerbal Space Program 2 won’t be ready to launch on its original release date of Spring 2020 and is being delayed a year until Spring 2021. During Take-Two Interactive’s Quarter 2 2020 earnings conference call on November 7th, they announced that “Kerbal Space Program 2, the sequel to the beloved original space […]

Bethesda Releases DOOM 64 Trailer

DOOM 64 trailer

The annihilation of demons is coming back in full force next year with DOOM Eternal, but now with a surprising twist. Bethesda Softworks released a trailer showing off another project of theirs called DOOM 64. Many fans of the series will be familiar with that title because the original game was released almost 22 years […]

The Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Released

Outer Worlds launch trailer

The Outer Worlds‘ final trailer has officially launched, and it is mind-blowing! The trailer begins with brilliant cuts of the player and the different worlds to which you can travel. We then get a voiceover of a lady we don’t know yet who says, “Some people want you to be a savior, a shining beacon […]

New PUBG Update Adds Crossplay Ability


PUBG has just rolled out its most recent update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which allows crossplay between the PS4 and Xbox One. This is something relatively new for console players, with not many other games offering you the ability to play with people on other consoles. The update will also give the player the option to […]

New Character Creator System Added to Minecraft Beta


Minecraft’s newest update is now allowing the characters to personalize themselves in creative ways that have never been done before. The Minecraft website describes the new Character Creator system. As stated on the website, it will allow the player to change their avatar model in multiple ways, “including body size and shape, limb replacement […]

E3 2019: PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show at this year’s E3 began with a faintly Nixonian voice running down all the titles to be presented, then introducing hosts Sean Plott and Frankie Ward. Plott revealed that they would be displaying 30 games at the event, and that he would be asking some fan questions of the creative director […]