Jerusalem’s Lot Adaptation Gets Title, Actors

Jerusalem's Lot

Maine’s deadliest vampires are about to rise again, as Epix is developing a TV series based on Stephen King’s short story “Jerusalem’s Lot.” A prequel to his famous (and outstanding) novel Salem’s Lot found in King’s short story collection Night Shift (also outstanding), “Jerusalem’s Lot” is told in epistolary form, as a series of letters […]

REVIEW: Doctor Sleep (2019)

Doctor Sleep

Crafting a sequel to one of the best and most beloved horror stories that ever was is a daunting prospect. The Shining is considered one of the scariest movies and books of all time, and while the novel is relatively straightforward, the film is full of ambiguity, and many of the ghostly happenings are open […]

The Stand Casts Some More Survivors

The Stand

The Boulder Free Zone just got some new inhabitants as the cast for the CBS All-Access adaptation of Stephen King’s magnum opus The Stand has added some important players. First, on this morning’s episode of The View – on which King was a guest – host Whoopi Goldberg announced that she’ll be playing Mother Abigail, […]

REVIEW: It: Chapter Two (2019)

It: Chapter Two

I was a huge fan of the 2017 It adaptation when it released (it was one of my favorites of 2017). What Andy Muschietti managed to do with that film is outstanding in my eyes, and when those credits rolled and the title card : IT CHAPTER 1 came up, I cheered because we were […]

Comic-Con 2019: It: Chapter Two Trailer Floats Too

It: Chapter Two, Pennywise

Pennywise sensed fear at Comic-Con as Warner Bros. has debuted the final trailer for It: Chapter Two. Picking up twenty-seven years after the previous “chapter,” It: Chapter Two finds the Losers’ Club returning to Derry as adults to vanquish It once and for all. Based on one of Stephen King’s most famous tomes, It: Chapter […]

REVIEW: Pet Sematary(2019)

Pet Sematary

Today I decided to see the new movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. I haven’t seen the older film or read King’s novel, so I went in more or less blind, armed only with the knowledge of what has been presented in the trailers. Adaptations of King’s work are numerous and, as such, their […]