REVIEW: Ad Astra (2019)

Ad Astra

I’ve been looking forward to Ad Astra for a long time, in part because of the eclectic filmography of director James Gray. I couldn’t wait to see him put his stamp on the space opera genre, and the likes of Brad Pitt (especially in the wake of his phenomenal performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon […]

Ad Astra Shifts Release Date

Ad Astra

Brad Pitt’s journey to outer space has been delayed. Deadline reports that Ad Astra, the James Gray film originally set for release on May 24th, has been delayed and will miss a possible debut at Cannes. The new date is September 20th. This is a movie I have been following for a long time. The […]

Why I’m Excited: Men in Black: International

I loved the Men in Black movies as a kid, initially because of Will Smith. Other than George Clooney, Smith was the only actor that I not only enjoyed but also recognized from other projects. There was something about that familiarity that I found very comfortable. When the second one came out, I keep quoting the […]

Bourne Again

We’re in a film era where franchises reign, and one of the results of that is a large number of sequels flooding theaters. Like with everything else, the quality of sequels varies wildly, and it’s often hard to predict which ones will connect with audiences. I’ve surely been befuddled by which ones catch on and […]