2018 Superhero Movies Ranked

2018 has been an outstanding year for superhero movies. The number of these films being produced every year continues to increase, making it hard to watch all of them. What needs to be praised for 2018 specifically is the diversity in their styles. The standard action superhero movie is still alive and well, but it’s… Continue reading 2018 Superhero Movies Ranked

Sensational Symbiotes

Despite trailer watchers’ initial misgivings about the film, the Venom movie starring Tom Hardy as Symbiote host Eddie Brock has been met with a warm box office welcome. The character of Venom is undeniably likable, and its popularity has only grown since first appearing in Marvel comics in 1988. Scholarly Web-Heads know full-well the history… Continue reading Sensational Symbiotes

REVIEW: Venom (2018)

Sony’s first step into its own parallel license superhero universe has been controversial ever since it was announced in 2017. Venom, starring Tom Hardy and directed by Ruben Fleischer, is a stand-alone film separated from the world of Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man, comparable production-wise to what happened with Punisher: War Zone, which was a (relatively) low-budget movie… Continue reading REVIEW: Venom (2018)

New Venom Trailer Oozes From Sony

Get ready for a tongue-lashing, as Sony Pictures has released a new Venom trailer. In the first of their (presumably) Spidey-less Spideyverse movies, Sony’s Venom finds crusading journalist Eddie Brock exposed to an alien symbiote which grants him immense power – but might cost him his soul. Starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, Venom hits… Continue reading New Venom Trailer Oozes From Sony

2018 Comic Book Movie Preview

A total of nine comic book movies are set to grace the big screen in 2018, with films coming from all four major studios, including DC Entertainment/Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Sony and Marvel Studios.  It’s time to get out your calendars and mark these nine unmissable dates as we run down the major comic… Continue reading 2018 Comic Book Movie Preview