REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 10 “Apocalypse Then”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Apocalypse Then

*Spoilers* In “Apocalypse Then,” Myrtle arrives at Mutt and Jeff’s headquarters to meet them. Ms. Venable tries to stop her because she doesn’t have an appointment, but Myrtle works her magic to get past her. She does a similar trick on Mutt and Jeff, telling them to sell spots in Outpost Three to Coco’s father. […]

REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 9, “Fire and Reign”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Fire and Reign

*Spoilers* “Fire and Reign” begins with robot builders Jeff and Mutt arguing about Michael and his effectiveness as the Antichrist. Ms. Venable steps in to remind them of the Cooperative meeting and asks what it’s about. They tell her that it’s not her domain, provoking a rant from Venable about how she’s given everything to […]

REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 8, “Sojourn”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Sojourn

*Spoilers* In “Sojourn,” Michael finds the charred remains of Mrs. Meade, as well as those of his warlock brothers. Cordelia tells him that she hid Mrs. Meade’s soul so he can never bring her back. She asks him to come with her, saying that he doesn’t have to follow the foretold path of the Antichrist. […]

REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 7 “Traitor”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Traitor

*Spoilers* In “Traitor,” Dinah concocts a potion to punish a woman’s cheating husband. Cordelia arrives and asks Dinah to arrange a meeting with Papa Legba. Meanwhile, Joan Collins re-surfaces as an actress named Bubbles McGee who stars in tasteless slasher movies. Madison appears and informs Bubbles that she’s been summoned. Bubbles has the ability to […]

REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 5 “Boy Wonder”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Boy Wonder

“Let Fiona teach us one thing: passing the Seven Wonders does not inherently mean one is fit to lead the Coven.” *Spoilers* In “Boy Wonder,” Cordelia wakes up outside the destroyed Robichaux Academy, unable to find the other witches and being chased by monsters. However, this proves to only be a vision; nonetheless, it convinces […]