George Lucas and Jon Favreau Hate The Last Jedi

Having a distaste for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is a far stone’s throw away from being unheard of. Within The Fandom Menace (our own community’s moniker being a play on words of one of the franchise’s films), it’s sort of our thing. And while we might be known for far more than […]

Step Up: High Water Picked Up for Season 3 by Starz

Step Up: High Water

The Step Up franchise isn’t done dancing across TV screens just yet. Deadline has announced that Step Up: High Water will be moving to Starz after having been canceled by YouTube Red last year. The move isn’t entirely unexpected since the show is produced by Starz parent company Lionsgate. Series stars Ne-Yo and Naya Rivera […]

Sony and Naughty Dog Levy DMCA Strikes Against Geeks + Gamers

Nobody in the entertainment industry, be it Hollywood, video games, or otherwise, likes when significant details are leaked to the public. Not only does this typically tend to be a major breach of contract for the parties involved, but it spoils plot details, which, in some cases, can result in potential consumers forgoing their purchase […]

INTERVIEW: Digital Influencer Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson

Mini Ladd, Craig Thompson

Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson is one of the internet’s perennial entertainers, serving not only as a prime example of success in the Youtube space but also of how to utilize that success to give back. When the opportunity arose to interview Thompson via E-mail, I jumped at the chance to find out the secret to […]

INTERVIEW: Ryan Magnon and Curtis Andersen of Alter Nation

Alter Nation

I’ve always been a big fan of animation, whether it’s Gargoyles or the various incarnations of Scooby-Doo! so, when I got the chance to interview the minds behind the burgeoning multimedia franchise Alter Nation – Ryan Magnon and Curtis Andersen of Panda Mony Toy Brands – over the phone, there was no way I could […]

That Star Wars Girl’s YouTube Channel Mistakenly Demonetized

That Star Wars Girl

One of the Fandom Menace’s most important YouTube creators experienced a bit of a crisis this week. Anna, better known by her YouTube moniker “That Star Wars Girl,” was searching for more information on the YouTube Partner Program when she mistakenly clicked on what she thought to be a link to learn more. Instead, a […]