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Elizabeth Tulloch Talks Superman & Lois

We have an update on the future of DC’s most iconic intrepid reporter. In an interview with We Have Cool Friends, Elizabeth Tulloch talked about what it’s like playing Lois Lane and where things stand when it comes to filming the much-anticipated upcoming series Superman & Lois. Amid talk of the audition process, comparing the new show to Friday Night Lights in tone, and her resemblance to Margot Kidder, Tulloch explained that filming is not expected to begin until September or October for the premiere in January. This is at odds with previous reports that the CW shows were looking at a July production start, so it appears that it will be a while before Superman takes flight again.

While this delay is understandable given the pandemic, it was fascinating to hear Elizabeth Tulloch talk about the tone, taking on the role of Lois, and the importance of these characters to so many fans. Ever since she was first cast as Lois, I also felt that she looked like Margot Kidder, so it’s great to see that I wasn’t the only one. The Friday Night Lights comparison was interesting, albeit not too surprising. If what I read in the various breakdowns of the show are true, Superman & Lois will offer something different from its CW superhero counterparts. When you combine that with Tulloch’s understanding of the legacy she and Tyler Hoechlin are taking on, this interview just reaffirms why Superman & Lois is my most anticipated show of the season. I can’t wait to see what Todd Helbing presents the audience when it premieres in January.

Do Elizabeth Tulloch’s comments make you excited to see this iteration of the character? Are you disappointed we’ll still have to wait until January? Let us know in the comments and stay safe and healthy as Geeks + Gamers continues to bring you more movie and TV news!

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  1. I remember the crossover event of winter 2018., when I dropped all these shows for good. At the end, Superman and Lois go to Argo to have their baby and leave Supergirl in charge. Superman says, that Kara will do just as good a job as Superman. Lois replies that Kara will do better because studies show that women respond better than men in critical situations. Superman just nods and accepts this as fact. These shows are SJW propaganda.

  2. Damn, she needs to eat more (why can’t Lois Lane be Erica Durance forever? ) Not sold on this CW show, Supes will be the house husband, leaving Lane to save the world, yuck!

  3. I really have to wonder who watches these shows…..
    they aren’t true to the characters, so comic book fans “shouldnt” be happy….
    they aren’t well written, most of the plots make no sense
    the cgi is over used and mediocre…..
    why are there so many of these god aweful shows?

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