Green Lantern Show in Development at HBO Max

Greg Berlanti Developing Green Lantern Series for HBO Max

Deadline reports that Arrowverse architect and Green Lantern co-writer Greg Berlanti will be developing a TV adaptation of the iconic ring-wielding hero Green Lantern set to air on HBO max. The only thing we know about the project is that the series will take place in space. While that isn’t exactly a shocker given the material, the very fact that this series is in development brings with it a plethora of possibilities.Ever since the creative misfire that was the 2011 Green Lantern film, I’ve been wondering when the protectors of Space Sector 2814 would make their way back to the screen.

Green Lantern Show in Development at HBO Max

Save for the occasional nod throughout the Arrowverse and the announcement of a Green Lantern Corps film from Geoff Johns in the wake of Walter Hamada’s hiring, we’ve heard little in the way of the future of the character. The fact that Green Lantern is on his way back to the screen under the watchful eye of Berlanti is nothing short of fantastic. Despite the failure of the Ryan Reynolds film, Berlanti has more than proven himself with the myriad of DC properties he’s produced over the last seven years. Despite my desire to see Johns bring Stewart and Jordan to the big screen, I’m glad to see the character being given a chance to shine on television. Here’s hoping they’ll find a way to include all the Green Lanterns in one form or another – yes, even the most recent Teen Lantern, assuming it makes sense. This way, they could bring the fans the live-action version of the Corps for which they’ve always hoped.

Are you excited for Berlanti to go back to the Corps, or would you rather see Johns’ film? Where do you think this show leaves the latter project? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more TV news!

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