HBO Unveils First Look Footage of Watchmen

HBO is about to delve into Rorschach’s journal. In a recent look ahead at their 2019 slate, HBO has unveiled not only first-look footage of Game of Thrones but also their highly anticipated Watchmen drama series. While the Watchmen footage is brief, it’s certainly enough to get fans like me excited for this remix of the acclaimed graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Gibbons. Aside from glimpses of the yellow mask cops and Rorschach himself, we also get to see Jeremy Irons, who in recent years has become known for his role as Alfred in the DCEU and is supposedly playing Adrian Veidt, saying, “It’s only just begun.”

The idea of Jeremy Irons playing someone like Adrian is as exciting as it is surprising. With iconic film characters like The Lion King’s Scar and Die Hard with a Vengeance’s Simon Gruber under his belt, his involvement definitely brings a certain panache to the project. Having not done a long-form TV series since Showtime‘s The Borgias, to see him in this role is a huge vote of confidence in not only the series but also showrunner Damon Lindelof. The coolest thing about this show is the fact that no one is quite sure yet what we are going to get, something Lindeloff has specialized in since Lost. That being said, there’s no denying Lindelof has a spotty track record, so let’s hope that this is another Lost and not another Tomorrowland. Now all I need is to find out exactly what James Wolk‘s character is all about via a full trailer, which will hopefully be coming in the near future.

Are you excited for this footage or are you still waiting for the full trailer? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for all your Watchmen news and reviews!

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