Jorge Jiménez Announces He’s Penciling Tynion IV’s Batman

Batman book

It’s no secret that Tom King’s initial 100-issue run on DC’s flagship Batman book is being cut short, with the writer now ending his tenure with his 85th issue, which will close out his “City of Bane” story arc. Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV was revealed to be taking the reins from King a […]

This Year in Batman

year in Batman

Five years ago, as I noodled with my blog, I came across a fantastic Bruce Timm-produced Batman animated short featuring our beloved Bat characters Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis as they fought to defend the Bat Cave. It was the perfect way to celebrate our dear Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary. With the eightieth now upon […]

REVIEW: Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1

Batman: Last Knight on Earth

Scott Snyder has left an indelible mark on the Batman mythos. While he was working on Detective Comics, I first started reading his work when he collaborated with Greg Capullo on “The Court of Owls,” the introductory Batman story of the New 5. (which has since been adapted, relatively speaking, for the recently ended Batman […]