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That Star Wars Girl Has C2E2 Press Pass Canceled

That Star Wars Girl needs to get a more diverse audience, according to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. The YouTuber, whose name is Anna, applied for a press pass to the convention, more managably called C2E2. And she was approved… for a little while. C2E2 then labeled her previously ap...

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“That Star Wars Girl” Thrown Into Twitter Jail

Today’s internet cancel culture has run roughshod through all forms of media and business. From #MeToo to any number of other allegations and Oppression Olympics movements, authoritarian keyboard warriors masquerading as white knights take every opportunity to spread their infection everywhere the...

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That Star Wars Girl’s YouTube Channel Mistakenly Demonetized

One of the Fandom Menace’s most important YouTube creators experienced a bit of a crisis this week. Anna, better known by her YouTube moniker “That Star Wars Girl,” was searching for more information on the YouTube Partner Program when she mistakenly clicked on what she thought to be a link to...

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