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That Star Wars Girl’s YouTube Channel Mistakenly Demonetized

One of the Fandom Menace’s most important YouTube creators experienced a bit of a crisis this week. Anna, better known by her YouTube moniker “That Star Wars Girl,” was searching for more information on the YouTube Partner Program when she mistakenly clicked on what she thought to be a link to learn more. Instead, a pop-up appeared telling her that her entire channel had been demonetized.

This was, understandably, frustrating and concerning for Anna, as she relies on the monetization of her channel, as do many other creators. What’s more, as she would go on to note on Twitter, there were no safeguards in place when she hit the demonetization button asking anything similar to “Would you REALLY like to demonetize your channel?” For a platform as large as YouTube, and it being something that no small number of creators rely on for at least a portion of their income, the lack of something so mundane seems absurd, but here we are. That Star Wars Girl reached out to YouTube on Twitter explaining her accidental plight; when she initially was able to contact YouTube, the individual she spoke with said they were unable to provide any help.

Further frustrated, she took to Twitter again, and YouTube responded by saying that, since she removed herself from monetization, she would need to reapply for it; however, she would need to wait a month before doing so. A leader in the Fandom Menace and the owner of Geeks + Gamers, Jeremy (@DDCobra) Griggs also reached out to YouTube in an effort to expedite the process of rectifying this whole ordeal.

As of a few hours ago, Anna’s channel has been reinstated in its monetization status. That Star Wars Girl recently reached the milestone of exceeding 100,000 subscribers to her channel, and for a following of that magnitude to lose monetization is no small matter. Thankfully, all is well and restored to as it should be.  

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