REVIEW: Veronica Mars Season 4 (2019)

Veronica Mars season 4

Just like its intrepid PI hero, Veronica Mars is the franchise that won’t stay down. After the TV series ended its initial three-season run in 2007, creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign and was able to secure enough crowd-funding for a movie. This was followed by a pair of novels co-written by Thomas and […]

Comic-Con 2019: Watchmen Trailer Never Compromises

Watchmen trailer

The Minutemen are striking again as HBO unveiled a trailer for Watchmen, their new show based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel, at Comic-Con this weekend.  Premiering in October, the series from Damon Lindelof stars Jeremy Irons, Regina King, Don Johnson, Louis Gossett Jr., and Tim Blake Nelson, and will be a sort-of […]

Altered Carbon Season One Review

Altered Carbon follows Takeshi Kovacs, a man who was put “on ice” nearly two hundred and fifty years prior, as he is brought in to investigate the murder of Laurens Bancroft to win his freedom. However, the more Kovacs digs, the the more disturbing the secrets become. Going into Altered Carbon, I didn’t really know […]

REVIEW: “Crisis on Earth-X” DC/CW Crossover Miniseries

Last year’s big DC/CW crossover, “Invasion!” was a triumph, uniting the heroes of four comic book series for a massive adventure that was fun while furthering each of the show’s arcs (some more than others). It also managed to leave behind most of the shows’ individual weaknesses and, in some cases, make the characters more […]