REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 10 “Fadeout”

Arrow, Fadeout, series finale

Having watched Arrow from the very beginning while in my college dorm, hoping for a Smallville  spiritual successor, “Fadeout”bought up a lot of emotions for me. I really wanted this finale  to reward fans for not only sticking with the show for eight years but for supporting the birth of the Arrowverse as a whole. With last […]

REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 9 “Livin’ in the Future”

Arrow, Livin' in the Future, Green Arrow and the Canaries

After last week’s conclusion of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” I didn’t see the need for Arrow to continue. While I was excited to see what this backdoor pilot was going to look like, I hoped this would be a separate entity, as I wanted the final season of Arrow to focus on Stephen Amell, so […]

REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 6 “Reset”

Arrow, Reset

We’re officially in the second half of Arrow’s final season. Overall, the season has been pretty good, so when I found out that David Ramsey, who portrays Diggle on the show, would directing “Reset” – which would see the return of Paul Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance – I was excited to see what the episode, scripted […]

REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 4 “Present Tense”

With Future Team Arrow joining Oliver and Co. in the present, I couldn’t wait to see what the producers bought us in “Present Tense” as the farewell run of Arrow continued its trek toward the crossover and, subsequently, the series finale. *SPOILERS* “Present Tense” begins with Oliver in shock as he stares at Mia and […]

REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 2 “Welcome to Hong Kong”

Welcome to Hong Kong, Arrow

Last week on Arrow, our heroes escaped Earth-2 as it disappeared. With Stephen Amell saying that episode 2, titled “Welcome to Hong Kong,” would be an ode to season 3, considered by some fans to be where the show began to falter, I was curious to see how that would play out. *SPOILERS* “Welcome to […]

REVIEW: Arrow – Season 7, Episode 21 “Living Proof”

Arrow, Living Proof

*SPOILERS* Last week’s cover for Roy (who is still back and I’m so happy!) put Team Arrow between a rock and a hard place – some figuratively, and in Oliver’s case a bit more literally. At the end of the last episode, Emiko brought the house down on the team; now, we learn that she […]