Warner Bros. Shifts Release Dates for Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984

release date, Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Bros. wants to remind us to dream a little bigger before Tenet arrives in theaters. After months of debate, Variety reports that Tenet has officially moved back two weeks from July 17 to July 31. In its stead, the studio will re-release another Nolan film, Inception, in honor of its tenth anniversary. Additionally, Wonder Woman 1984 has officially been moved to October 2, which marks its third release date shift; it was originally scheduled for November 1, 2019, before moving to June 5 and August 14, respectively. Hopefully, this new fall date sticks.

As much as I hate having yet another release date shuffle, I think this was a perfect move with regard to Tenet. Not only does it give theaters a little more time to get the safety protocols in place for one of the two biggest Warner Bros. releases of the year, but it will allow fans to look back on what is arguably Nolan’s masterpiece on a milestone anniversary. This may be a bit controversial, but, to me, Nolan is the only filmmaker working today who is worthy of such pomp and circumstance. All his films are monumental events, and his achievements deserve to be celebrated within the theatrical experience that the filmmaker has fought so hard to protect. I haven’t been to a theater since the pandemic began, but you can bet I’ll be there – masked up, of course – to witness Nolan’s filmmaking prowess in cinemas once again. I wish I could say the same for Wonder Woman 1984, but I have no idea when it might actually arrive at this point. I can’t help but wonder if they would have been better off sticking to their November date. I know we’ll see it eventually; I just wish Warner Bros. knew what to do with their next DC cinematic offering.

Are you excited about seeing Inception on the big screen again? Is it worth a two-week delay for Tenant? Will Wonder Woman 1984 stay on the October release date? Let us know in the comments and stay safe and healthy as Geeks + Gamers brings you more movie news!


  1. At this point I think it’s officially safe to say the Summer 2020 movie season has been canceled. Looks like Tenet will be the only movie worth a damn.

  2. Very excited about Tenet! Also I could not agree more with the author about Chris Nolan being the only filmmaker alive today to deserve that level of treatment.

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