Bloodshot Trailer Arrives Online

Bloodshot trailer

The first trailer for Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot has finally been released. Starring Vin Diesel as the titular character, the Bloodshot trailer opens with Diesel on a beach, happy with the love of his life. From there, she gets killed, and Diesel nearly dies before being technologically revived by Guy Pearce and setting out on a mission of revenge while killing for his new benefactor. This is where things take an unexpected turn, as Diesel is forced to relive the murder over and over again. The only variable is the latest target that Pearce sends him to eliminate. The trailer culminates with someone telling him Diesel doesn’t know what’s real.

That was pretty mediocre. I love Vin Diesel, but the Bloodshot trailer gives off a mix of Edge of Tomorrow and Gemini Man, with a story that belongs in the early 2000s. As the latter film has shown, having an old school story like that doesn’t often work, and the film shouldn’t be automatically expected to pull a Venom. I really want this to work, because it would give both Diesel and Sony a new franchise and shared universe to play in (though Paramount’s recent acquisition of Harbinger puts those plans in doubt). However, this has to be better if they want to compete with the DCs and the Marvels of the world. The success of Bloodshot could give Sony an edge in this age of comic book cinema, and more options besides constantly leaning on everyone’s favorite web-head. So, here’s hoping future marketing for the film does a better job of selling what makes this comics adaptation special.

Does this Bloodshot trailer excite you, or do you think it misses the mark? Do you think the movie will ultimately be faithful to the comics? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more film news!

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