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Fandom Menace YouTuber Megs Needs Your Help

A member of the Fandom Menace needs our help. Megan Baunach, “Megs” from the Jolly and Megs Show on YouTube, has been diagnosed with a Chiari malformation, a condition in which the brain tissue descends into the spinal column and blocks cerebral spinal fluid from flowing normally. She’s due to have surgery on June 24th to help the symptoms; while there is no cure for a Chiari malformation, she needs the operation to prevent life-threatening complications. Megs explains everything in greater detail, and with humor and resolve, below:

Due to her health issues, Megs has been forced to leave her job, and her husband Richard will have to take time off work to care for her as she recovers, as well as their children and Megs’ grandmother, who lives with them.  The days ahead will be difficult, and this family needs all the help they can get. Megs’ sister has set up a GoFundMe account for her, and she also has a PayPal account; if you’re able and inclined, please give what you can to see them through the tough times that await them.

If you want some insight into Megs and her personality, here’s her review of The Last Jedi from The Jolly and Megs Show:

And this is her review of Captain Marvel, for which she finds some inventive compliments:

And here is her reaction the Game of Thrones finale that damaged the souls of a generation:

There are plenty more videos on the channel, which you can subscribe to here. Megs will also be talking to Jeremy on a livestream on the Geeks + Gamers YouTube channel tomorrow, June 23rd, so make sure to tune in for that. And again, please do what you can to help a passionate Fandom Menace member and her family. Here are the links again:

Megs’ GoFundMe page

Megs’ PayPal account

The Jolly and Megs Show

Megs’ personal channel

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