Kenneth Branagh Wants to Make Animated Shakespeare Film

Kenneth Branagh, Shakespeare, Hamlet

Kenneth Branagh wants to get animated with Oberon and Puck. In a recent interview with Collider for his new film Artemis Fowl, the Thor director proclaimed his interest in once again returning to the work of William Shakespeare, particularly with an animated version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, due to the way Shakespeare handles magic. The only reason he’s holding off is because he’s waiting for “the desire to do it becomes an absolute need.”

Kenneth Branagh doing an animated Shakespeare film is pretty much a no-brainer and could potentially serve as a brand new entry point for people to get to know of work of one of the greatest writers in history. The last time Shakespeare’s work got the animated treatment, we got the subpar George Lucas-produced film Strange Magic (which also took inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Branagh’s Shakespearean films have always been very important, whether it’s his work on the Oliver Parker-directed Othello – where Branagh starred as Iago – or Hamlet, which he directed and in which he also starred. Whenever the acclaimed director decides to return to the Bard, it’s always something about which to be excited. Based on his comments, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while for this prospective project to come together. I respect Kenneth Branagh’s take on waiting for something like this to become a need rather than jumping in before he can put his best foot forward. I look forward to seeing what his next Shakespearean project is going to be whenever he decides to make it, whether it’s animated or otherwise.

Are you excited about Kenneth Branagh’s animated ambitions? Do you think A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a good choice, or would another play be a better fit? What is your favorite Branagh/Shakespeare adaptation? Let us know in the comments and stay safe and healthy as Geeks + Gamers brings you more movie and TV news!


  1. Um…why? To most people who care about animated movies, I find that Shakespeare was “that annoying book series nobody takes from the library…including the literature club.” I might be a bit overcritical due to my stance that Shakespeare was less the George Lucas of the 1500s and much more akin to the J.J. Abrams of the century but I genuinely don’t see who this would appeal to.

    1. Also, this should be obvious to anyone here, but if you do like Shakespeare, you do you, I just make a point not to see/watch/read/listen to anything he made or that is based on his stuff.

  2. His Hamlet movie was a really hard movie to follow for my teenage brain, back in high school, since they didn’t dumb down the dialogue for general audiences. Kids will fare much worse in being able to follow an animated Shakespeare movie. Animate Titus Andronicus and give it a dark edgy
    (probably anime) style, and I will watch the hell out of that.

  3. I just wonder how the characters are gonna look animated, is it going to be cartoon animals (to me that sounds surreal) or anime like adults you’d see in Berserk or Castlevania?

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